About the European Assertive Outreach Foundation (EAOF)


The aims of the European Assertive Outreach Foundation (EAOF) is to stimulate a European-wide dialogue about the development of evidence-based models of Integrated Care (IC) and Assertive Outreach (AO) for people with severe mental illnesses (SMI). These models can vary widely, particularly with regard to organizational models, patient groups, client participation and research findings. In some European countries such models are widely implemented, other countries are about to implement, but in many countries there are no such models available.

The EAOF brings together clinicians, researchers, patient- and relative associations and policy makers to discuss ways to optimize care for patients with SMI, searching for ways to increase motivation for treatment and service engagement, participation by clients and their families, rehabilitation and recovery.

The EAOF aims at setting up a European network, by organizing international conferences every two years in one of the European countries. The EAOF stimulates research across different countries to investigate and compare models of IC and AO, their cost-effectiveness, and the development and implementation of other evidence-based practices. The EAOF will help ensure that the most vulnerable citizens in our communities receive the highest possible quality of care.

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EAOF Website

European Assertive Outreach Foundation

Board EAOF

Prof. Dr. C.L. Niels Mulder

President of the EAOF, Department of Psychiatry, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Marijke van Putten (Drs.)

Member of the board

Margret Overdijk (MBA)

Secretary of the board

Fred Koops (MBA)

Treasurer of the board

Special board members

Juanjo Jambrina

Special member of the EAOF board

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Gallinat

Special member of the EAOF board, Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, Hamburg, Germany

Prof. Dr. Martin Lambert

Special member of the EAOF board, Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, Hamburg, Germany

Prof. Dr. Torleif Ruud

Special member of the EAOF board

Advisors of the Board EAOF

Floor van Dijk (Drs.)

Advisor of the board

Jan Berndsen

Advisor of the board

Marjan ter Avest

Advisor of the board

Michiel Bähler (Drs.)

Advisor of the board

Mike Firn

Advisor of the board

Prof. Berno van Meijel

Advisor of the board

Prof. Philipe Delespaul

Advisor of the board

Rokus Loopik

Advisor of the board

International scientific committee

Prof. Dr. T. Burns, UK
Dr. H. Kroon, The Netherlands
Prof. Dr. C.L. Mulder, The Netherlands (chair)
Prof. Dr. M. Nordentoft, Denmark
Prof. Dr. S. Priebe, UK
Prof. Dr. J. van Os, The Netherlands
Prof. Dr. G. Pieters, Belgium
Prof. Dr. W. Rössler, Switzerland

Prof. Dr. T. Ruud, Norway
Prof. Dr. H.J. Salize, Germany
Drs. R. van Veldhuizen, The Netherlands
Prof. Dr. J. Wancata, Austria
Dr. J. J. Martínez Jambrina, Spain
M. Firn, UK
Dr. R. Mezzina, Italy
C. Sixbey, ACTA, USA

European network

The European Assertive Outreach Foundation aims at setting up a European network for assertive outreach. The conference on Assertive Outreach in Rotterdam 2011 was the first step. The aim of this network is to improve the quality of care for difficult to engage patients with severe mental illness. The network will stimulate research to find evidence based practices for good quality assertive outreach, and help to implement these practices in different European countries. During previous European Assertive Outreach conference we discussed ways to further build this network and actions to be taken. 

We welcome any contributions and ideas for implementing this network. More information

Previous conferences


First EAOF Conference –
“Crossing Borders”

2011, Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Second EAOF Conference –
“Improving Integration”

2013, Avilés, Spain


Third EAOF Conference –
“Reaching out together”

2015, Oslo, Norway