Dr. Ralf-Peter Gebhardt

Psychiatrische Dienste Thurgau, Switzerland

Dr. Ralf-Peter Gebhardt

Psychiatrische Dienste Thurgau, Switzerland


Personal Profile

Health professional with more than 20 years’ experience in research, implementation, management and lead of psychiatric in- and outpatient teams and services


Since 01|2016        Lead of the Clinic for Adult Outpatient Psychiatry with 11 Units and member of the board of the Psychiatric Services Thurgau

07|11 to 12|15        Establishment and lead of 3 new psychiatric hospital outpatient services in Switzerland (www.aaz-tg.ch)

01|08 to 12|15        Hospital Manager Psychiatric Services Thurgau, Switzerland Responsibility: budget, controlling, projects and processes

01|03 to 12|07        Establishment and lead of psychiatric hospital outpatient services in South Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany

11|2001                  Lilly Award “Health Outcomes in Schizophrenia” for research on the “satellite concept“

06|95 to 12|02        Psychiatric Health Service Research at the Center for Psychiatry Weissenau, Ravensburg, Germany

Education and Qualifications

10|04 to 05|07        Master of Health Management (MBA) University Ravensburg-Weingarten, Germany

13|02|98                 Doctorate Human Biology (Dr. biol. hum.) University Ulm, Germany

10|89 to 11|94        Study of Psychology (Dipl.-Psych.) University Konstanz, Germany

03|01 to 11|01        Systemic supervision, therapy, and family therapy International Society for Systemic Therapy Heidelberg, Germany


Languages: German (native), English (fluent), Czech (advanced), Italian (basic)

Activities: Games and game development (Miss Lupun, Tackle)